About us

About us

natural aggregates

Our company is the best choice

We are a polish manufacturer specializing in the extraction of natural aggregates.

The beginnings of our activity date back to 1982. Exactly on June 23, 1982, one of our entities – PPU BAKS Stanisław Kowalewski – launches its first screen and starts mining in the town of Głazica. He does not know yet that in the future the annual production will increase more than 20 times.

Today, we are one of the largest producers of aggregates on the pomeranian market, we have an established market position, and our aggregates are used both in the industry and in construction.

Our products are used, among others, in the production of concrete and concrete products, such as paving stones, prefabricated elements, etc.

The sands and gravels obtained from our mine are also used in the construction of road surfaces, embankments or ground replacement for large industrial areas (production halls).

Our mission

We make sure that each investment is approached with the greatest accuracy and professionalism

Our vision

We are proud of our history and build our future on it


High quality, competitive price, culture of cooperation, employee involvement


Regardless of our leading activity, i.e. extraction and production of aggregates – as partners – we support various types of other companies from many different industries, thus promoting a good quality product from our domestic market:

Barbara senior center

above-standard facility, free of architectural barriers, offering the best conditions in Poland for people in the period of the so-called 'autumn of life'. The modern complex of buildings offers spacious 1, 2, and 3-person rooms, each equipped with a bathroom equipped with handles and seats; tv; fully furnished and much more. In addition, the facility: a park with walking paths and a fountain, a dining room, a tv room, a fireplace room, a salt cave, a place for therapeutic activities, a modern kitchen and much more.

More at: www.centrumseniorabarbara.pl

Jam Szalunki sp. z o.o.

An experienced supplier of construction formwork, offering a wide range of foundation, wall and ceiling formwork. As part of the cooperation, the company offers formwork service, as well as the possibility of their assembly directly on the customer's site. A wide selection, professional support, advice and competitive prices.

More at: www.jamszalunki.pl


Owner of short accommodation facilities: employee hotels, holiday apartments. In addition, the company offers warehouse yards and storage yards of various sizes. The offer also includes real estate trade (purchase and sale). The owner of kmsinvest.pl

More at: www.kmsinvest.pl