Washed sand

Washed sand with a fraction of 0–2 mm is a sedimentary rock composed of mineral grains not bound with a binder, which – as the name suggests – is formed in the washing process. In our plant, this is done using a special device called a hydrocyclone, which guarantees high quality and repeatable parameters. It is very widely used in various segments of construction.

Example use:

  • For the production of various types of concrete, including ready-mix concrete
  • Used in prefabrication processes: paving stones, curbs, foundation blocks, concrete rings, floor beams, edges, concrete slabs
  • For the production of masonry and plaster mortars
  • For the production of cement-sand ballasts
  • Bedding for paving stones
  • For winter maintenance of roads and sidewalks
  • For arranging such facilities as, for example: beach volleyball courts, for filling sandboxes